[ADMB Users] Errors in "make all"

Johnoel Ancheta johnoel at hawaii.edu
Wed Mar 10 17:09:23 PST 2010

It's a permission issue in the new distributions which has been 
corrected but not yet released.  The way to fix the problem is to run

$ chmod -R u+w examples

in the admb folder, then run 

$ make simple

Let me know if it works,

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From: Tom Wainwright <Thomas.Wainwright at noaa.gov>
Date: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 2:20 pm
Subject: [ADMB Users] Errors in "make all"
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> In my previous message, I mentioned a couple errors (each 
> repeated twice) when I 
> run "make all" on a fresh installation.  I just want to 
> check if these are 
> anything I should worry about (i.e. installation problems).
> System:  Linux x64 (Fedora 11) with gcc 4.4.1.  ADMB 
> installed from 
> admb-9.1-linux-gcc4.4-64bit.zip.
> Error 1:  (Probably trivial.)  The 'forest' model 
> compiles and runs, but output 
> ends with these two lines:
>          The number 
> created was 1770 The number destroyed was 1769
> 	make: [forest] Error 1 (ignored)
> (This looks like the code for some reason has a non-zero return.)
> Error 2:  (Might be important?) The 'liver_gamma' model 
> results in the following:
> 	*** tpl2rem   liver_gamma
> 	cat: xxalloc4.tmp: No such file or directory
> 	cat: xxalloc5.tmp: No such file or directory
> 	Error executing command cat xxglobal.tmp   
> xxhtop.tmp   header.tmp
>   	xxalloc1.tmp   xxalloc2.tmp   
> xxalloc3.tmp   xxalloc4.tmp
> 	xxalloc5.tmp    xxtopm.tmp    
> xxalloc6.tmp > liver_gamma.cpp
> However, the model still builds and runs.  Can't tell if it 
> runs correctly, 
> though.  This may be the same problem discussed in the 
> thread '"xxglobal.tmp" 
> error with tpl2rem' started by Bolker last August.
> Are these typical problems with 'make all', or should I check my 
> installation?
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