[ADMB Users] -rs rescaling

Mollie Brooks mbrooks at ufl.edu
Tue Oct 26 11:47:13 PDT 2010

I output my parameter values every time the PROCEDURE_SECTION runs.  
None of them changed until the 18th iteration and then moved extremely  
slowly. I am interested in speeding this up. I'm guessing that one  
option is to rescale my predictors to their means and standard  
deviations.  Have others had luck with this?

I searched the documentation for rescale and found this command line  
option on p 12-1 of admb.pdf

-rs if function minmimizer can’t make progress rescale and try again

Is this relevant? From the brief description, I couldn't tell what it  
would rescale.
If it is relevant, is there an equivalent line I can put in the  

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