[ADMB Users] ADMB & R

Laurie lauriekell at googlemail.com
Tue Aug 9 05:50:24 PDT 2011

Maybe this is not the right forum for my email but here goes.

I am currently creating several R packages that use ADMB code; there are 
two ways of doing this i.e. use
     1) an executable and text files (e.g. glmmADMB) or
     2) create a dll or shared library

There are advantages and disadvantages of both approaches, but there are 
also some things that could be
done to make it easier to mix ADMB & R, i.e. creation of
     a) make files that allow R & ADMB to be compiled together across 
all platforms
     b) a set of standard R functions/methods for reading and writing R 
& ADMB files
     c) adding to the basic ADMB output files to make it easier to 
create R objects

There is also an R package Rcpp that makes it easier to create packages 
that combine R & C++, and this looks
like something that could be "easily" adapted to make a generic R/ADMB 

I am actively working on these things now, and might even be able to 
find funding for others. Is there any interest in
pursuing this?


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