[ADMB Users] short file name has problem on latest admb

Weihai Liu weihailiu at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 12:46:53 PDT 2011

Hi Weihai,

You have discovered an important bug in ADMB (not Emacs or ADMB-IDE) that
was created sometime after the 10.1 release.

I also get an error if I rename the 'simple' example to 'sim' or shorter.
The error is reported in the Dos shell:

 C:\simple>admb sim

 Error: Invalid index 0 used for array range [1, 3]
 in "unsigned char & adstring::operator()(int i)".
 Index out of bounds

What happens in Msys is mysterious and not relevant for the general ADMB

Can I ask you to report this bug through users at admb-project.org and/or the
Redmine system? I'm leaving the office and going to the countryside for some
days. There's no need to Emacs or Msys in the bug report, just the Dos

All the best,


P.S. Well, if you want to be extra helpful you could check out slightly
earlier versions from SVN and find out which SVN commit introduced the bug
(hopefully not before SVN version 1). Or maybe it would take Johnoel less
time to locate the bug...

On Fri, 15 Jul 2011, Weihai Liu wrote:

Hi Arni,
> I currently build the admb from svn source on windows, when I use the
> emacs, which use your two files from admb-IDE, version for .emacs is
> 4.5.0-1, version for admb.el is 6.4, the build works fine, but when I run
> it, it throw me the following error, after trials, I found out if I use
> short filename(<=3 characters), then I got this error, otherwise it is ok
> for long filename.
> Error: Invalid index 0 used for array range [1, 3] in "unsigned char &
> adstring::operator()(int i)".
> Index out of bounds
> if my tpl file is sim.tpl, or si.tpl then it not run, if they are
> simple.tpl, then it runs fine. This only happened when I use emacs. If I run
> it from Msys, it works totally fine. So I guess the problem come from
> admb.el file about the run admb function, and it is likely there are
> something changed for new admb, since the sim.tpl(one of my old model has
> this name) works fine in emacs for older admb 9.
> So if you have new admb on your side, you can try to run sim.tpl(rename
> simple.tpl as) to see if it runs. thanks
> --
> Weihai Liu
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