[ADMB Users] ADMB MinGW 10.0 makeadm root to admb root

Hamazaki, Hamachan (DFG) toshihide.hamazaki at alaska.gov
Thu Jul 21 14:23:55 PDT 2011

I just switched from MinGW ADMB ver 9.1 to MinGW ADMB 10.0 (admb-10.0-mingw-gcc4.5.0-32bit.exe) downloaded from the website.   I was not able to compile the model using ‘makeadm’  with error ‘makeadm’ ois not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.   It took half day to figure out that ‘makeadm’ is now changed to ‘admb’.   I was not able to locate this significant change in the Documentation section, README.txt, or  ADMB manual 10.0.  I don’t know  whether  this change is occurring only  this version (admb-10.0-mingw-gcc4.5.0-32bit.exe) or all other versions, but in any case it should be clearly documented. 




Toshihide "Hamachan" Hamazaki, 濱崎俊秀PhD

Alaska Department of Fish and Game: アラスカ州漁業野生動物課

Diivision of Commercial Fisheries: 商業漁業部

333 Raspberry Rd.  Anchorage, AK 99518

Phone:  (907)267-2158

Cell:  (907)440-9934


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