[ADMB Users] ADMB Instructional Videos Released

James R. Bence bence at msu.edu
Sat Jul 30 13:00:49 PDT 2011

The Quantitative Fisheries Center (QFC) at Michigan State University has 
released a set of instructional videos aimed at new users of AD Model 
Builder.  These videos are linked from the ADMB Project's  documentation 
These videos were developed with funding from the Gordon and Betty Moore 
Foundation under a contract with the ADMB Foundation.  Each video and 
associated ADMB template and data files are contained  within a folder 
"Current_ADMB_Video_Release" accessible from the link.  The entire set of 
videos and associated files is also accessible in a single zip file but be 
advised the zip file size is large.  If you are interested in the videos we 
recommend first reading "ADMB Videos - Important Info and Annotated File 
List.pdf" available at the same location as the videos.  For more 
information on the QFC see <http://qfc.fw.msu.edu/>http://qfc.fw.msu.edu/    
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