[ADMB Users] Error in a negative binomial, zero-inflated glmmADMB with random effect

H. Skaug hskaug at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 13:32:58 PDT 2011

Hi Holly,

It seems that "round" cannot be used in the formula. Try to add
a new variable to the dataframe, and use this as the response.


On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 5:44 PM, Holly G <hollygoy at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hello list,
> I have been working with a dataset that is large, overdispersed,
> non-normally distributed, non-linear, spatially autocorrelated, and
> zero-inflated. So far, I have been able to account for everything except for
> the zero-inflation using GAMMs in R. To my knowledge, there is no general
> software code available yet to incorporate zero- inflation into negative
> binomial GAMMs, please correct me if I am wrong. As far as GLMMs, I have
> modeled the data with glmmPQL (accounting for random effects and
> autocorrelation structure), and zeroinfl{pscl} (accounting for
> zero-inflation). For a zero-inflated model that includes random effects, I
> am attempting glmm.admb (the example from the documentation ran smoothly),
> but have encountered a few errors, all a variation of “The function
> maximizer failed” (below).  I am not sure if these errors are due to the
> nature of the data or to a mistake that I overlooked, so I provide details
> below. I would appreciate any advice. Apparently, the temporary nbmm.dat and
> nbmm.pin files are not being created correctly, but I am unsure as to why or
> how to fix it.
> Thank you,
> Holly

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