[ADMB Users] Cubic splines

Mark Payne mpa at aqua.dtu.dk
Mon May 23 01:50:28 PDT 2011

Are Splines fulled implemented in both ADMB and ADMB-RE? I struct some problems with them in ADMB-RE, but haven't had time to look closer as yet....

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Hi Mark,

I found http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spline_interpolation to be informative.

Also, inspired by your email, I've discovered that there's very useful
information here:


I just added that 2nd link to the FAQ item about splines, but obviously
that's no substitute for some proper documentation in the user manual.



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Does anyone have documentation on how cubic splines are implemented in ADMB?
Or a simple description of how cubic splines are implemented in general.


There are some examples on how to use them in ADMB














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admb 10.0 and 9.1 on linux give me the same behaviour. so not a version
thing. one day "soon" i'll find time to debug..


convergence critieria is not necessarily the issue because that determines
ultimate convergence, not the question of whether the process has hung


grepping "ic > imax" points me to fmmtr1.cpp and newfmin.cpp but without
debugging i'm not much wiser!




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Subject: [ADMB Users] 10.1 ic > imax

Hi folks 

I've recently installed admb 10.1 on a 'real' system (SuSE Linux Enterprise
Server 11 SP1, gcc 4.3) and I've noticed different behaviour vs my 32-bit
admb 10.0 windoze setup. Specifically the ic > imax is minimum attained
issue pops up on the 10.1 where it does not on the 10.0. Both installations
give me the same parameter estimates, but obviously a) something is
different, b) it appears to be worse in the newer version and c) it would be
nice to know why. The first thing that came to mind is that the default
value of the convergence criterion might have changed between 10.0 and 10.1
but I ran the new system with -crit 1e-4 and same behaviour. 

Any ideas? 


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