[ADMB Users] Software Methods

Laurie Kell laurie.kell at iccat.int
Fri Apr 20 05:05:09 PDT 2012

In ICCAT we have a software catalogue, which requires certain criteria 
to be fulfilled, if software are to be used in stock assessment.

I would like those criteria to be reviewed so that we follow best 
practice. I know that software validation is a complex issue but  would 
like to ensure consistency and exchange of methods between 
organisations. For example if a method is in the NOAA Toolbox or is on 
the R CRAN repository shouldn´t we be able to use it in ICCAT.

This will not take long (hopefully). All I am looking for is a quick 
review of our criteria and any appropriate criteria used elsewhere, that 
we would need to include if our software is to be used by others. Also 
suggestions of how to harmonise software validation in the future so 
that we can strengthen the support for stock assessment experts and 
develop an improved network of stock assessment developers. I would also 
like to suggest that a global repository of all stock assessment methods 
would be useful.

Laurence Kell

ICCAT Secretariat
Population Dynamics Expert
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28002 Madrid. Spain
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