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Looks like a great idea ! it reminds me a ICES WGMG in Lisbon in 2004 
when you presented FLR and triggered a discussion on similar issues. 
Maybe we should revisit that report.



On 04/23/2012 11:18 AM, Laurie Kell wrote:
> In ICCAT we have a software catalogue, which requires certain criteria
> to be fulfilled, if software are to be used in stock assessment.
> I would like those criteria to be reviewed so that we follow best
> practice. I know that software validation is a complex issue but  would
> like to ensure consistency and exchange of methods between
> organisations. For example if a method is in the NOAA Toolbox or is on
> the R CRAN repository shouldn´t we be able to use it in ICCAT.
> This will not take long (hopefully). All I am looking for is a quick
> review of our criteria and any appropriate criteria used elsewhere, that
> we would need to include if our software is to be used by others. Also
> suggestions of how to harmonise software validation in the future so
> that we can strengthen the support for stock assessment experts and
> develop an improved network of stock assessment developers. I would also
> like to suggest that a global repository of all stock assessment methods
> would be useful.
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