[ADMB Users] Random Effect Distance Sampling Example

Jeff Laake jefflaake at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 13:19:15 PST 2012

Awhile back I sent out an ADMB example for line transect sampling (
That code fits detection functions with fixed effects for the scale
parameter of either a half-normal or hazard rate function.  Development of
a random effect model with ADMB was a little more challenging but with the
expertise of Hans Skaug we were able to put together the following example
that currently only works for a half-normal detection function.  I've
included everything in an R package called RandomScale. You can use it
without R but the mixed effect part will be more challenging because the
data file includes a design matrix for the fixed effect portion of the
model. On the page for the code link there are links that will take you to
the TPL and example DAT files. Other detection functions may follow.

Title: Distance Sampling with Random Scale Detection Function

Abstract: Provides code to fit line transect sampling half-normal detection
function with a random scale or a mixed-effect scale model.


Code URL:https://github.com/jlaake/RandomScale
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