[ADMB Users] sdreport

Mollie Brooks mbrooks at ufl.edu
Sat Feb 18 17:13:11 PST 2012

I'm looking for information on how sdreport vectors are calculated.

I'm doing a multivariate normal model and I use the solve function to calculate my objective function from the predictions and the variance-covariance matrix. 

I'm interested in the uncertainty of my predictions. So I put them into an sdreport vector. I've looked at CIs calculated as (prediction +/- 2*std) and they are way too narrow (almost never include the true value). I'm wondering if I should try calculating the standard deviations from scratch or if ADMB does exactly what I would do with the variance-covariance matrix. The other possibility is that my measurement error only model is bad and I need to include process error.


Mollie Brooks
Ph.D. Candidate
Biology Department
University of Florida
mbrooks at ufl.edu

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