[ADMB Users] ADMB 64 MS visual 10 -- Building DLL issues

Nassar nassar.naji at orange.fr
Mon Jan 16 15:48:36 PST 2012

Hi all



I have installed ADMB 10 (64bit) and compiling it with Microsoft Visual
Studio 10.0 (SDK 7.1 with .NET 4.0)

Thanks to Allan Hicks, compiling the programs and building executables is
perfectly running.

But I do have troubles building DLL, somebody overcame this issue? 

Tpl2cpp -gaussdll simple 

Adcomp64 -d simple

Those commands wen ok

Adlink64 -d simple

I had to interrupt this command avec several min without any answer


Advices & help are highly welcome

Best regards


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