[ADMB Users] TR: ADMB Win 64 & DLL

Mark Maunder mmaunder at iattc.org
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I assume you are double clicking on the exe file. Try this: open the dos (command) prompt (under the accessories folder in all programs), go to the directory where the file is located (using cd directory path), type the name of the exe.


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Hi All

Using ADMB for simulation issues, I'm running ADMB executables. But as those executables DOS windows appear and disappear, I can't use my desktop meanwhile.
The compiler I'm using is MSVC (SDK 7.1, Win7/64). I know that DLL are causing problems within ADMB as Dave Fournier note (May 2009)
I hadd DLL's that worked with compiler A but not with compiler B. then other ones with with B but not A.
I think it has something to do with global variables and reentry problems with DLL's.

Using MSVC as compiler for DLL. I tried using Arni's suggestions

tpl2cpp -gaussdll %1

cl /c /EHsc /O2 -D__MSVC32__ -DOPT_LIB -I. -I%ADMB64_HOME%/include %1.cpp

cl %1.obj admod32.lib adt32.lib ado32.lib /link /libpath:%ADMB64_HOME%/lib /dll /export:%1 /out:%1.dll

LINK : fatal erroer LNK1104 : can't open file "uuid.lib'

I added the SDK lib directory

cl %1.obj admod32.lib adt32.lib ado32.lib /link /libpath:%ADMB64_HOME%\lib /libpath:%MSSDK%\lib /dll /export:%1 /out:%1.dll

but still encountering problems

LINK : fatal erroer LNK1181 : can't open file 'files\Microsoft.obj'

I would appreciate some help for this issue.. I've tried several thing since January with no success

Best regards
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