[ADMB Users] memory allocation error

Fowler, Mark Mark.Fowler at dfo-mpo.gc.ca
Tue Aug 13 05:52:21 PDT 2013

Attempting to run a (monstrous) model on a new machine with the latest
ADMB, I get a memory allocation error right off the bat, no churning.
This model runs on an XP machine with 4 GB RAM, whereas the new Windows
7 machine has 32 GB (paging file is 16x that of the XP machine), so
available memory can't exactly be the problem. Is there a difference in
the latest ADMB that accounts for this? Does the move from a 32-bit to
64-bit machine confound something? I notice that the System-Performance
Options-Advanced has changed between OS's. Both allow Processor
scheduling and Virtual memory adjustments, but only XP has a separate
Memory usage (Programs vs System cache). On both machines I opt for
Programs, but don't know how the Windows 7 machine resolves the absent
Memory usage block. The no-longer-working program was a Borland compile
with the following memory settings:







I also compiled a mingw version on the new system with the latest ADMB
(problems reported in earlier email were due to incompatible Borland
include files - resolved), and get the same response, immediate memory
allocation error with no churning.


Anyone know why it no longer obtains the needed memory?


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