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Yes.  I was just working through that.  I received some help from Mark Fowler.  

It wasn't obvious to me to declare temporary variables in the parameter section by simply removing the init_.  I was under the impression that only optimized parameters went there and init_ was simply a way to initialize them with .pin data.

All is compiling now.  Working through the fact that all my optimized values are NaN.  :-)

Thanks for your help.

On 2013-02-11, at 10:38 AM, "Jim  Bence" <bence at msu.edu> wrote:

> I think the problem is that you define adjusted_pmax in the data section.
> Variables created in the data section should not be calculated as function
> of parameters or variables that change when parameters change.  
> I suspect your problem would go away if you move the line:  
> number adjusted_pmax
> Jim
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> Brand new to admb.  I've just spent the last 4 hours trying to get past this
> error.  No luck...
> I'm running into compile errors at parts of my code where I assign a
> parameter to a local variable.  "error: cannot convert 'prevariable' to
> 'double' in assignment"
> I've tried using value(param) without luck.
> My parameters have upper and lower bounds.  Here is an excerpt:
> <snip>
>  number adjusted_pmax
>  init_bounded_number pmax(150,700)
>  init_bounded_number pmax_drift(-.2,.2)
> and here is the assignment that is causing the error:
> //calculate adjusted pmax
>    adjusted_pmax = pmax *(1+pmax_drift*(aerobic_capacity -
> aerobic_bal+1)/(aerobic_capacity));
> Am I missing something or is there something else wrong. I'm getting the
> same error both on MacOSX and Linux so likely not something to do with my
> environment.
> Thanks.
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