[ADMB Users] Suggestion for documentation

Jeff Laake jefflaake at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 10:42:50 PST 2013

In Chapter 12 of admb10-rev1 manual, there is a list of command line
options. I have some suggested changes.

1) include (e.g., simple -?) at the end of line 2 so it is clear that
"application" reference is clear that it is not admb -? but instead a
particular program built by admb like simple.

2) for -gbs and -cbs explain (I think) that these should be set when
gradfil1.tmp and cmpdiff.tmp get large respectively  in the same way that
table 3.2 in admbre documentation does for f1b* and nf1b* files. I found a
reference to gradfil1.tmp and cmpdiff.tmp in autodif manual but nothing
that linked them to switches and I just guessed and they appear to work
that way.

3) a listing of each file and the switch that controls it in one place
would be useful.

Also can anyone explain what -gdb is in the reference on page 3-10 of
admbre manual? I've not found it in a search of the 3 manuals.

regards --jeff
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