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CHRIS GRANDIN cgrandin at shaw.ca
Wed Jul 17 13:23:00 PDT 2013

Hi Alexander,
  Check step 3, make sure that the paths listed there actually exist on your machine, and that you can see cl.exe in one of them.  This is the trouble with Windows VC++ builds, the paths which Microsoft uses can change without notice. If you are having trouble do a search on your c:\ drive for "cl.exe" and make sure that directory is on the PATH.


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Dear ADMB Community,

I am having some difficulties getting to run ADMB-11.1 on my machine  
(win7, 64bit)!

After performing the steps in "ADMB Installation Visual C++"  
(http://www.admb-project.org/documentation/installation/admb-installation-visual-c#) I received the following error message when executing the "simple" example using the ADMB Command Prompt (Microsoft Visual C++ 2010  

"The command "cl" is either wrong written or was not found.

Error: Unable to build simple"

(note: I translated the message from German to English...)

I would appreciate any help.

Best regards
Alexander Keth
MA-Student in Fisheries Science (Hamburg)

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