[ADMB Users] ADMB with gcc, mingw, and/or msys - Please fix the bug identified by Dave

Jon Schnute schnutej-dfo at shaw.ca
Fri Nov 15 13:54:01 PST 2013

Thanks Dave! That's very helpful and it replicates my own experience,
although you don't say precisely how the attempt to build the 'polio'
example failed. (I wonder if it involved a mysterious reference to
'WinMain at 16' at the link step.)

Please note that my request has nothing to do with R. All I want is a well
defined procedure for building ADMB on Windows with msys/gcc. Your example
and my own experience confirm that it is possible to build the ADMB binary
library successfully by that route. And I'm really pleased to learn that
this library actually is OK. However, you've demonstrated that the current
version of ADMB has a bug in its batch scripts in the \bin directory. As you
say, the command

admb -r polio

failed, yet you used manual scripts to make it work.

Can someone please fix this bug? I'm not sure how this would work, but
perhaps you need to send the detailed scripts that actually worked for you
to the right person (Johnoel?).

Incidentally, I suggested Rtools only as a possibly reliable source for
mingw/gcc, given that Arni has used it in the past. I realize that many ADMB
users have probably abandoned the Windows OS, but you still have a sizeable
user community that uses that platform. All I'm asking is that Windows users
should be able to download ADMB source, build it, and use it like everyone
else. Unfortunately, because Windows is a crippled OS, we need to take
seriously the source for Unix tools on that platform. From your experience,
it sounds as if that shouldn't be a big deal, although the batch scripts
need to be fixed.

I'm trying to be helpful. Once I have a procedure that actually works, I'll
be glad to document it if people are interested. Please note that we need to
consider both 32- and 64- bit versions of the software. I've noticed that
several msys sources are available on the Internet, so the documentation
would need to be explicit about that.

Best wishes,


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I was curious to see how hard this is.

I downloaded the current mingw compiler and msys tools from source forge.
I modifed my path to include the three directores for gcc msys tools and
admb as below.


I changed to the admb directory and typed make.  ADMB was built

then I tried to compile the polio example

The command

             admb -r polio

did not work for me.  Since I was really interested in whether the library
is correct and don't like those overly complicated scripts anyway I built
the cpp and htp by hand and then compiled
it with   mygccs.bat where mygccs.bat contained

g++.exe -Dlinux -DUSE_LAPLACE polio.cpp -o polio.exe -I. 
-Ih:/oldave/admb/build/dist/include -Lh:/oldave/admb/build/dist/lib -ladmb

This built the polio.exe which ran successfully.

I can't imagine  the average R user getting anywhere with this.

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