[ADMB Users] Tests and recommendations for ADMB

Jon Schnute schnutej-dfo at shaw.ca
Sun Nov 24 00:38:35 PST 2013

Johnoel and Dave (and many others) - At last I've managed to build ADMB in
Windows with mingw. Great work making this possible! I'm genuinely


After this initial step, I decided to test things more completely. I enclose
a report that describes my results and suggestions in complete detail. We
still have bugs in the scripts adcomp and adlink, and I really hope these
can be fixed. Also, changes from past versions of ADMB make the current
version confusing. For example, the script admb.cmd now has different
arguments than it once did.


So I've used this occasion to pull my experiences together in hopes that we
can make ADMB easier to install, understand, and use. I hope you, other
developers, and general users find them useful.


I have one more suggestion not mentioned in the enclosed file. Please also
explain how to obtain a 64-bit version of mingw and build a 64-bit version
of ADMB.


Best wishes to all,




PS - I'm willing to help with the documentation after we get everything
working and I understand more completely how the package is supposed to

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