[ADMB Users] [R-sig-ME] MCMC fitting in glmmADMB

dave fournier davef at otter-rsch.com
Tue Oct 21 19:44:08 PDT 2014

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That sounds like a bug maybe. Maybe a memory leak.  Don't remember 
exactly how it is implemented, but
I don't think the memory use of any of the MCMC stuff should grow over 
time like that.  If you send me
what I need to run your model I'll take a look at it.


> Hi Dave,
> Sorry, I guess I didn’t explain my problem correctly in my original 
> request due to translation issues. It is the RAM and not the hard 
> drive space that is reaching its capacity. After running the MCMC 
> chain for 24 hours (approximately 2000 iterations for the model of my 
> own data) the allocated memory is already about 6 GB.
> I will send a follow up to the mailing list to clarify this.
> Best wishes,
> Maren
> e

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