[ADMB Users] [R-sig-ME] MCMC fitting in glmmADMB

Ben Bolker bbolker at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 06:08:45 PDT 2014

 As a reminder, ?admbControl in the glmmADMB documentation says:

if you want to try running the ADMB model outside of R,
              use ‘run=FALSE’ and set ‘save.dir’ in the ‘glmmADMB’
              arguments.  This will result in a saved directory
              containing the ‘glmmadmb’ executable (on systems other
              than Windows) as well as ‘glmmadmb.pin’ and
              ‘glmmadmb.dat’ files.  You can then run the ‘glmmadmb’
              executable with appropriate command-line arguments in a
              command shell or terminal window.  If you run the same R
              command again (i.e. still with ‘run=FALSE’ and with the
              same ‘save.dir’) ‘glmmADMB’ will find any output files
              that have been produced and read them into a ‘glmmadmb’
              object.  You can also try sending the ‘glmmadmb.pin’ and
              ‘glmmadmb.dat’ files to an ADMB expert for diagnosis.

On 14-10-21 10:44 PM, dave fournier wrote:
> On 10/21/2014 02:48 PM, - - wrote:
> Hi,
> That sounds like a bug maybe. Maybe a memory leak.  Don't  remember
> exactly how it is implemented, but
> I don't think the memory use of any of the MCMC stuff should grow over
> time like that.  If you send me
> what I need to run your model I'll take a look at it.
>      Dave
>> Hi Dave,
>> Sorry, I guess I didn’t explain my problem correctly in my original
>> request due to translation issues. It is the RAM and not the hard
>> drive space that is reaching its capacity. After running the MCMC
>> chain for 24 hours (approximately 2000 iterations for the model of my
>> own data) the allocated memory is already about 6 GB.
>> I will send a follow up to the mailing list to clarify this.
>> Best wishes,
>> Maren
>> e
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