[Developers] ADMB-IDE licensing

Arni Magnusson arnima at hafro.is
Tue May 12 08:39:50 PDT 2009

Apologies for the frequent mailing, but I'd like to ask for your 
opinion/advice regarding the ADMB-IDE I'm about to release. Should I use 
BSD, GPL, no license, or something else?

It consists of five components:

   GCC (GPL)
   Emacs (GPL)
   admb-mode.el (Arni)
   .emacs (Arni)

I'm using Inno for packaging, and this IDE will probably be helpful for 
many Windows and Linux users. So what licensing option do you think is 
best for this bundle? My initial idea was no mentioning of licenses, but 
I'm not sure if that might get me into trouble.

I'm using ADMB, GCC, and Emacs without changing them, and each of them 
comes with their own license.txt things, found in their corresponding 

Thanks for your help,


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