[ADMB Users] Running glmm.admb

dave fournier otter at otter-rsch.com
Mon Mar 30 09:23:12 PDT 2009

It seems to me that glmmADMB suffers from the fact that it consists of
two parts, the R interface which creates the files to be used by ADMB,
and the ADMB executable which does the heavy lifting. The R code is
designed to work with nested models only (I believe) whereas we could
have a version which made general (but hopefully sparse) problems.

For me the entire R thing is just a bore. The real interesting part is
in the fitting of overdispered count data, which ADMB-RE is very good
at. This capability gets hidden by the clumsiness of the interface with

So my suggestion to this poster would be simply to write her application
in ADMB. I know many will disagree so I suggest this to hopefully
inspire others to come up with more popular  and/or imaginative

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