[ADMB Users] new version of R2admb on R-forge

dave fournier davef at otter-rsch.com
Sat Aug 21 01:10:19 PDT 2010

Ben Bolker wrote:

Well there is some confusion because it appears to me that Motoki was 
using  tpl2rem on simple.tpl
which has no random effects.
I say this because my  version of tpl2cpp does not produce any error 

Once that is settled
for  tpl2rem it would be simple modify the  cat ...  line to exclude the 
missing files.

> Ben Bolker wrote:
>>   That's not exactly the situation in which the errors/warnings occur.
>>   They happen when one runs tpl2rem on a RE model that is "too simple":
>> as pointed out by Tom Wainwright on March 10
>> <http://groups.google.com/group/admb-users/browse_thread/thread/3a106a2a911350bf>,
>> this is reproducible in the "liver_gamma" example that comes with ADMB:
>>> tpl2rem liver_gamma
>> cat: xxalloc4.tmp: No such file or directory
>> cat: xxalloc5.tmp: No such file or directory
>> Error executing command cat xxglobal.tmp   xxhtop.tmp   header.tmp
>> xxalloc1.tmp   xxalloc2.tmp   xxalloc3.tmp   xxalloc4.tmp
>> xxalloc5.tmp    xxtopm.tmp    xxalloc6.tmp > liver_gamma.cpp
>>   At least, it happens with my installation (release 9.1, running on
>> Ubuntu 10.04).
>   PS I may be miscommunicating here.  To try to be clear:
> 1. ADMB produces spurious error messages when tpl2rem'ing specific
> "simple" TPL files.  My R2admb code attempts to filter these messages out.
> 2. In some versions of ADMB (not the one I am running), using "-s"
> provokes a warning message that "safe mode" is deprecated. In its
> current version, R2admb uses  'safe mode' by default (i.e. adding the
> "-s" flag to the argument list: should it not do that?), so this warning
> came up when Motoki ran simple.tpl through R2admb. The version of R2admb
> that I posted a few days ago treated this as an error and stopped; I
> have since added code to R2admb that treats any message from ADMB with
> the string "warning:" in it as an (R) warning rather than error.
>   I'm not quite sure which set of errors Dave is addressing.
>   cheers
>     Ben

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