[ADMB Users] new version of R2admb on R-forge

Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Sat Aug 21 09:04:41 PDT 2010

dave fournier wrote:
> Ben Bolker wrote:
> Well there is some confusion because it appears to me that Motoki was 
> using  tpl2rem on simple.tpl
> which has no random effects.
> I say this because my  version of tpl2cpp does not produce any error 
> message.
> Once that is settled
> for  tpl2rem it would be simple modify the  cat ...  line to exclude the 
> missing files.

  It is already settled.
  As I explained, Motoki's problem came about because R2admb flagged the
warning message about 'safe mode' as an error (it no longer does).
Motoki got confused (I think) by the bit of code that was used to flag
the 'xxalloc' warnings and thought that was the problem with the code.
  By default the current version of R2admb runs simple.tpl just fine,
with a warning message on some versions about 'safe' mode being
deprecated.  It filters xxalloc warnings.


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