[ADMB Users] Output from glmm.admb

Nina Bhola nina.bhola at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 04:36:06 PDT 2010


I have been trying to implement the glmm.admb to my data.
I have a model which works great with my data.

However, i don't know exactly what some of the output is.
For example, the parameters together with estimated standard
deviations in the file nbmm.std. are not clear. How do you know which
estimate belongs to which parameter?

How do you extract AIC values?

The -log-likelihood is in the file nbmm.par. that can be used for a
likelihood ratio test on the significance of adding the parameter T to
the model. What do you mean by T?

The file nbmm.rep contains the predicted mean for each observation in
the second column of the list. What are these means? The reason i ask
is that the glmm.admb, should back-transform the estimates to give the
us means, which should be the ones in the the nbmm.rep output file,
however, if i exp(estimate) i do not get the same result as what is in
this file? I get different predicted means which i am inclined to
believe since i back transformed them myself! So what are these means
in the output file?

What does  Tau  r2/mu   r2/(mu*tau)  mean?

Can we generate confidence intervals since there are no p values?

Hope you can clarify these issues

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