[ADMB Users] problem with admb installation

Benedikt Gehr benedikt.gehr at ieu.uzh.ch
Mon Mar 29 07:19:38 PDT 2010

> I just can't get admb run properly. I downloaded it with an
> executable installer for windows (XP) and left all the default
> settings as suggested by the ADMB setup guide for MinGW GCC 3.4. Then
> I tried to run the simple example, but it won't open simple.tpl. It
> tells me it cannot open it. And there is no file simple.exe.
> I also changed the autoexec.bat file by editing: 
> but it still doesn't work. Besides I installed the ADMB IDE. I tried
> to download emacs as well but I also couldn't install it properly.
> What am I doing wrong? Sorry I'm not at all familiar with this stuff.
> thanks for the help.
> cheers
> Beni

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