[ADMB Users] Current status of ADMB-IDE

Arni Magnusson arnima at hafro.is
Thu May 20 12:47:27 PDT 2010

This month is the first anniversary of ADMB-IDE. Besides celebrating that, 
there are a couple of things worth mentioning:

1. The Google Code download page 
(http://code.google.com/p/admb-project/downloads/list?can=1&q=ide) shows 
that ADMB-IDE version 3.4.5-8 has been downloaded over 400 times, and I 
only realized today why users are still downloading that old version, 
every day.

It turns out that the ADMB Project download page 
(http://admb-project.org/downloads) was hardlinked to version 3.4.5-8, but 
I have now updated the page so that the links point the most recent 
version. The current version of ADMB-IDE is 4.4.0-2 (consisting of ADMB 
9.1, GCC 4.4, GDB 7.0, Emacs 23.1, and ADMB Mode 4.2).

There are no critical changes between ADMB-IDE versions 3.4.5-8 and 
4.4.0-2, but the main changes are listed in the admb/ide/NEWS text file, 
included in every ADMB-IDE distribution.

2. Emacs 23.2 came out this month. It broke ADMB Mode so when the user 
calls admb-run or admb-run-args, the model output is not shown in the 
secondary window. I looked into the this issue with the Emacs maintainers 
and they consider it a bug, which they will try to fix.

I have worked around the bug and uploaded ADMB Mode 4.4 today, which works 
with all version of Emacs, including 23.2. The newest ADMB Mode is 
available at (http://admb-project.org/community/editing-tools/emacs), as 
well as an archive of previous versions. The main changes between versions 
are described in the 'History' section inside the admb.el file.


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