[ADMB Users] training video basic operation

Weihai Liu liuweih at msu.edu
Wed Jan 18 10:19:38 PST 2012

pretty sure your admb is broken, can you even run the simple.tpl which in
admb examples folder? The training example is fine after changing its tpl
name and the version will not be a issue for this kind testing.


On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 11:52 AM, Jacob Kasper <jacobkasper at gmail.com>wrote:

> I am going through the training video and I keep getting errors with ADMB2
> and onwards. I can run some tpl files but not the ones that are associated
> with the training video, even when I download fore example the files here
> ftp://glpd.fw.msu.edu/QFC/ADMB-Videos/Current_ADMB_Video_Release/ADMB%202/and change the .tpl so that the names is the same as the .dat. when I run
> the .tpl and then the program I get the message "the test vector is  0 0 0"
> which is not what the training video suggests that it should return. I have
> been over the .tpl file carefully and I cannot figure out the error, could
> this be a version issue? I am running Linux 64 bit and built it from the
> source distribution.
> THank you
> Jacob
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