[ADMB Users] MVN Example?

Chris Gast cmgast at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 14:50:10 PDT 2012


Does anyone have some code to compute the log-likelihood for a multivariate
normal model that they're willing to share? I'm having trouble getting
matrix determinants and inverses to work.

I found a link to a previous discussion, indicating such an example would
be available in Roa's article "A Likelihood-Based Model of Fish Growth With
Multiple Length Frequency Data" in JABES, but I'm having trouble accessing
the supplementary material.

If I can get this working (a weighted LMM with autocorrelated residuals and
spatially-correlated random effects), I'd be happy to add it to the
examples list, since I can't seem to find a MVN likelihood example there



Chris Gast
cmgast at gmail.com
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